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Workshop Activities


Create your own Art of Food.

Looking to keep the kids or adults amused.
Experimental Cooking is tailor made to suit the ages and ability of members.
Our food technology cooking program provides participants the necessary tools to respond to design tasks using their imagination to create products using ingredients soured locally.  Starting with a base recipe, this program has been structured to provide all participants the confidence to experiment and knowledge to adapt their finished product in future if it does not meet the expectations of themselves or others.
The cooking workshop focuses on experimentation and encourages the use of creativity by adding different flavours in food, though the use of fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. Participants will also learn how to use Food Substitutions and their alternatives.  This activity promotes and encourages teamwork, creativity and confidence to experiment with individual flavours and trying new things. This is recommended for kids and can be adapted to suit all ages.

GROUP LIMIT:  Minimum of 10 guests per booked group activity
LOCATION:   Dinning room
DURATION:  2 hours
COST:  Includes all ingredients $25 per person


An activity of art in our beautiful region. Suits all ages.

Hands on Activities.
Half Day 2 1/2 hours or full Day 5-6 hours (includes all materials)
Pick a design already made or create your own.

Those who would like to create your own design, will require a Full Day workshop.


Half day - $25 per person

Full day - $50 per person

Lunch can be provided from our Café menu.


GROUP LIMIT:  Minimum of 10 guests per booked group activity
LOCATION:  Outside activity. Near the BBQ
DURATION:  2  1/2 -  5 hours
COST:  Includes all materials


Learn the secrets of tie dying & create your own unique beautiful designs. This is an easy activity for kids to play around with and will encourage them to experiment with pattern, repetition and design. You will find that the kids will wear their t-shirts with pride because they have made it themselves.

T-shirts & dyes are supplied.

When booking this activity, please let us know the quantity and sizes you require!

GROUP LIMIT:  Minimum of 10 guests per booked group activity
LOCATION:   Outside activity. Near the BBQ
DURATION: 1 - 2 hours
COST:  Includes t-shirt and dyes $25 per person


By arrangement … Friday - Sunday & School holiday
Subject to availability . Minimum of
10 guest per booked group activity.
Please contact us for smaller group prices and other days, as arrangements may be possible to accommodate activity.

Children’s and Adults Art Classes 
     *  Draw faces with mixed media  *  Paint with Oils

     *  Make clay sculpture  *  Paint animals with water colors      

     *  Pet a Rock - Paint Rocks  *  Create visual Art Diaries
Your teacher will show you how to mix colors and use different techniques to create a painting or diaries, that is your own individual style.

Mosaic Workshops 
Children:   * Kreate a Krazy Kritter
Kreate your own masterpiece with fused glass and vitreous glass tiles. Using fused pieces of glass you will be able to kreate your own kritter, whether it be a delicate butterfly, dragonfly or prehistoric creature from the deep.

Adults:   * Mosaic and Artisan
The beauty of creating mosaics piece of art is that there are “no rules”. You are only limited by your own imagination. There is an enormous and abundant array of tessera to encourage and inspire your creative juices. Art is an individual experience. The workshop will be consistent with the environment. A "glass on glass" session where they can make a lovely sun catcher.



  • Full size flood-lit tennis court, basketball & volleyball court, indoor table tennis, Foosball facilities. All rackets and balls available.

  • Unlimited access to Christmas Creek to enjoy the pristine waters - paddling, swimming, rock-hopping, fishing or with plenty of quiet  places around to enjoy a picnic or just plain lazing about.

  • FREE Water-slide in the summer months.

  • Feeding our small collection of birds with endless amount of local birds for those Bird watching.

  • Paradise for Photography and Artist with unlimited places  including...  mountains, creeks, wildlife, fauna & flora...

  • Star glazing..... Well the best place to be, away from the city lights.

  • It's a place where the kids can freely explore... then there's the wildlife...

  • Meet our friendly Butler, chickens & the neighbors including kangaroos.


Each of our activities incorporates essential learning components. The key learning areas of our programs encompass the arts, food technology, physical education, and studies of science and the environment. They require knowledge and understanding, analysis, investigation, response, reaction and reflection. Our Centre is a positive learning environment. We encourage and promote a healthy attitude, respect for ourselves and others and inspire participants to reach beyond their limits to achieve their personal best.

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