"Mini Markets

@ Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins

When: June 29th 2019

Purpose local goodies lovingly prepare by the local community from a small selection of markets stalls at Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins. The Cafe` will be open all day, serving ALL MEALS with espresso coffee. 

Treat your tastebuds to local homemade marmalade!! '2019 MARMALADE FUND RAISER' Come & have a vote for the best marmalade. Gold coin donation. All proceeds raised, will be donated to Volunteers Wildlife Rehabilitaters.

Cafe`: 8 AM - 5 PM  * EFTPOS available


Market: 9 AM - 3 PM * NO EFTPOS available. Bring cash. 

*Don’t miss out. Why not stay the weekend. Accommodation for the family is available.

  Ph: Katy 55448055


Dust off your family recipes, gather your citrus and warm the copper pans. 

‘2019 Marmalade Fund Raiser’

It's cold outside, but the new season's citrus is rapidly ripening up in Lamington and your own backyard. It's time to get into the kitchen and try your hand at making marmalade and entering the Christmas Creek Marmalade Fund 2019 fund raiser kicks off on Saturday June 29th @ 8am and finishes Sunday July 7th @ 2pm at Christmas Creek Cafe` as part of the Scenic Rim Eat Local week. This is the perfect place to   showcase your talent. If  you are having trouble sourcing your own fruit, phone Katy and I’ll arrange some fruit for you to pick up here for a gold coin donation.

The Winner will receive the ultimate prize, title of having their name at Christmas Creek Cafe` as the  '2019 Marmalade Champion' in Lamington + a $50 voucher to spend at the Cafe`. Your name will be announced on Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins website and our face-book page.

Conditions:                                                                                                                                               1. Enter Deadline - marmalade must be at Christmas Creek Cafe` by June 29th before 8 am.                

2. Must supply 1 sample jar for tasting + at least 3 jars for sale with labels (donated)                                3. Marmalade can be made from any citrus fruit combo.                                                          

4. Enter fee: Gold coin donation.                                                                                                                  5. To have a Vote: Gold coin donation. The marmalade with the most public votes, will be the  “2019 WINNER!!                                  

All proceeds raised, will be donated to Volunteers Wildlife Rehabilitaters.