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History on the Camp

The history of the Christmas Creek Cafe`& Cabins can be traced as far back to the late 30s when Australia was developing a National Fitness campaign. Beaudesert was one of 18 country centres chosen to participate in the national fitness committees. It was in 1943 that George Mavor, a high school teacher from Beaudesert State Rural School became involved in the program. George was the perfect candidate to organise activities at the school to increase physical education. He applied his bushcraft, camping and physical education skills to the program. You also have to remember, Beaudesert in those early days did not have church youth groups, football teams, Girl Guides or Scouts – in fact very few after school activities to involve young people.



It was during the Easter school holidays in 1944 that with George’s encouragement a school camp on the south bank of Lamington (George Scheils property, near Benyon Corner….. these days you can relate it to the last corner on the left about 1 km back from the present day camp grounds) was held with eight young men. The activities included hiking to Mt Buchanan, to Wallaby Rocks near Neglected Mountain and to Westrays Grave in the foothills of Lamington Plateau with campfire sing-a-longs and stories at night. So popular became the camp that it was held annually in August in the following years.The establishment of a permanent site on 3 acres at Lamington was offered by the Lands Department at Christmas Creek opposite the camping and water reserve in 1946.Since the arrival of army huts in 1946, Camp Lamington as it was then known has seen many changes, however the main focus of connecting with the environment has remained strong and constant since its inception.The cabin names of Westray, Proud, Binstead, O’Reilly and Buchanan, were chosen to honor the survivors and rescuers of The Stinson air-crash so closely embraced with the district’s history. The huts Burgess and Arthy were selected to reflect the pioneering spirit of the district’s forefathers. In recognition of the camps founder George Mavor the office has been named Mavor Office.


Present day owner managers Katy and Dennis Chan are committed and eager to continue the strong association with the History of the Christmas Creek Cafe`& Cabins as a role in connecting with the environment through activity, the arts and food. 


The facilities specializes tranquil surroundings, comfortable accommodation for families and social groups away from distractions such as the TV, video games and cell phones that can help start those conversations that you would like to, or need to have with your children. Spending time together as a family is important for building strong family ties, making lifelong memories and creating an environment that builds self-esteem and character in children.This may be offered in conjunction with an outdoor movie night, workshops, wildlife encounter on-site or bush-walking and adventure off-site.


The accommodation has value without extreme expense with comfort not luxury. There's a diverse range of activities Free or Paid such as playing games with friends, cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming or toasting marshmallows by the campfire near the creek in a healthy and regenerative environment. Immerse yourself in nature, outdoor activities and adventure at your doorstep bursting with color and life, 'creating memorable moments with family and friends'. Our Cafe` will be open during your stay in a truly stunning backdrop. So unplug from technology re-plug into family and friends.          

                           'Make Family Time Happen'


 "Camp Lamington 1944 - 2011", prepared by Rev. Ian Mavor based on detailed research by Rev. John Mavor AM as part of post-graduate studies in Local History

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