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BUS & COACH DEALS for Seniors


2 Course Bus Deal - $26 PER PERSON minimum 20


Choose one mains:

  • Beef Lasagna with chips & salad

  • Crumbed Fish with chips & salad

  • Chicken or Grilled Mushrooms, Avocado & Cashew Salad with fig glazed balsamic dressing (GF, V)

  • B.L.T - bacon, lettuce & tomato on Turkish bread with chips 


   Dessert: Cooks chose​                                                                                                                                                                    

Includes complimentary tea & coffee

Final numbers need to be confirmed the day before the function and the list of everyone’s meal choices are required by email or phone. If your arrival will be delayed, please notify the us.

Our valley has a lot of history. The Stinson Plane crashed in the mountains in 1937. Not sure if you know the story, but 2 severed. A documentary was made 'Miracle of the Mountains' that I could arrange to show.

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