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Relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins with its spectacular mountain views, natural rock pools and abundant native wildlife.

Wake up to the low drone and constant murmur of the babbling creek, delicately frolicking in the background; peppered with the whip crack cry of the Eastern Whip-bird, the repeated cries of the Crimson Rosella and the enchanting voice of the Golden Whistler.

Delight in the often heard melodies and warbles of the native bird-life surrounding

the facilitiy. Be quick to spot the shy and reclusive Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby nearby

or the Possum that tends to hide in hollows in trees during the day and then forage

for food during the night.

 Did you know the Lamington Spiny Crayfish - a protected freshwater Cray

has iridescent colours as brilliant as the sky itself? and the Echidnas along

with Platypus are the only egg laying mammals making them one of the

more unique Australian native animals.


Our Stoney Creek Frog is one of the largest of the "rocky river" frogs and a very strong jumper. Be quiet and you might hear the males calling at night. They can be quite yellow and large differences in colour are common between the adult and juvenile forms.r.rrrr. ...

Christmas Creek Café and Cabins is situated in Lamington, in south eastern Queensland, close to the New South Wales border. The Facility is nestled among the mountains of the World Heritage listed Lamington National Park and adjacent Border Ranges. Lamington National Park was declared in 1915 after Lord Lamington and covers 20,590 ha of beautiful lush rain forests. It boasts extensive walking tracks along the McPherson Range and is home to many unique and endangered flora and fauna species.

Christmas Creek is a permanent fresh water creek that flows from the
National Park, north to the Logan River. The permanent water along with the nutrients it has dispersed on flood planes over thousands of years has given rise to the fertile soils and subsequent picturesque farmland north of the National Park.

The rugged mountain environment and rich subtropical rainforest has given rise to some important parts of South East Queensland's cultural heritage. Early pioneer settlers cut highly prized red cedar and hoop pine contributing to the economy and transforming the landscape. The Facilities is an ideal base for hikers wanting to explore the site of the Stinson air crash.

Guides available on request.

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