Stinson 80th Anniversary                       Feb 18th & 19th 2017

We Katy & Dennis & family would like to Thank everyone for joining us in our Memorial History weekend. The turn out was fantastic. 




The search for the Stinson


On 19th February 1937 a Stinson monoplane with seven men on board vanished somewhere between Brisbane and Sydney. Its fate became a national obsession. Air force and private planes combed a large area for any sign of survivors or wreckage. None was found, and finally the search was called off. Then a young bushman, Bernard O'Reilly, decided to follow his own hunch about where the plane might be. On 27th February he set off on the bushwalk of his life.


" Bernard knew the mountains better than most. He was not afraid of a little bushwalk..."


"Bernard O'Reilly set out on a perilous journey into the mountains forest as dense as any jungle, armed only with his knowledge, his instinct and much not more than a few onions."


"Bernard had only to read the signs that abounded in that jungle... All of nature conspired to help him keep steady course across the ranges... and the suddenly he saw something which made him jump. Eight miles away by the map, on the third range, "Lamington Plateau', just where it swelled up to join the border range, was a tree-top which was light brown."




... it was a horrible, unclean thing, which held the trapped remains of what once were men-a repulsive thing which he could not go near. "


Westray Story:


..Ah! There is my man just ahead, sitting with his back against a big boulder. 'Hullo!' He shouted. 'Hoy there!' He didn't move.


Bernard goes for help:


It is like a dream now - that wild run - he was quite mad - his heart had been wrung out with horror and with pity - no one who looked upon those poor survivors could help praying as he did. 'that God would let me live long enough to help these men'.


Christmas Creek comes alive:


Men and women who live in the Australian bush are quick to rally when there is any danger or when others are in need. The tiny hamlet of Christmas Creek came alive that Sunday night.


Well Christmas Creek is coming alive once more. After 80 years since the Crash, it's time  to get together again. Come join us for a weekend to celebrate and remember the survivors, the rescuers and the efforts of the community.

A full program well be released later. At the moment the plains are:




Saturday 18th February:

1. Group hike to the crash site. Meet at Stinson Park 7am.

Conditions apply:  

1. You are re possible 100% for themselves. (water, food, insurance, first aid kit)

2. Must contact me & book in only. 

3. Level of fitness. 

4. Are they regular hikers.

5. Weather. Could be cancelled if weather is not suitable. 

2. Group hike to Westrays grave site. Meet at Stinson Park 8am.



3. Cocktail Dinner, film & slide presentation night at Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins.

       Cocktail Dinner reservations required.

Cost $30 per person.  Includes 1 arrival drink + finger food. 


Sunday 19th February:


4. Memorial service and lay a wreath with a get together in Stinson Park. The Park is  

       dedicated to the men and women whose courage strength endurance and self-sacrifice

      lessened the tragedy of the Stinson Air Disaster on 19th February, 1937. Starting service             from 10am.

Cabin accommodation is available here at Christmas Creek Cafe` & Cabins and camping at Stinson Park. For other accommodation in the valley

Bookings are required.


Please  contact  Katy Chan (0755448055) if you any information on the The Captain: Rex Boyden, The Co-pilot: Beverley Shepherd, The Passengers: John Proud, Joe Binstead, James Guthrie Westray, Willaim Fountain, James Roland Graham families or stories you would like to share with everyone or you can assist in any way with the hikes, set up etc.....


All welcome to come along for this memorable weekend.